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Torch of Liberty Vase

Torch of Liberty Vase

Our vase is a manifesto of feminine strength and beauty. Its shape is borrowed from the Art Deco period, which is when this design was popularized. In the hand is a goblet as a symbol of freedom and the struggle for human rights.
Decades later, we still carry this goblet, but with a female hand with deliberately long manicure, because every day we continue to fight on an equal footing with men, combining with work, caring for children and beauty routine
The vase is produced by 3D printing, covered with metal, paint and varnish. This production method symbolizes development and progress as an important part of the brand's DNA.



  + 28 cm;


Details & care:

  + Material: Eco-plastic PLA, Aluminium, Gel-polish;

  + Weight approximately - kg;

  + Made in Ukraine.

    1 250,00€Price
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